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Sponsor an ASPCA Pet for as little as 60 cents a day!
As a dedicated member of the ASPCA, you have reached out time and again with unwavering compassion and generosity to create a betterlife for America's abused, neglected and homeless pets.The ASPCA PetSponsorship Program is yet another example of the pioneering work,made possible by ASPCA members like you, that is proving highlysuccessful in helping to save America's adoptable pets. So please, acttoday.These dogs and cats and countless other animals are relying on thecompassion and steadfast support of friends like you.A monthly gift of $18 a month, that's only 60 cents a day, will provide adeserving cat or dog with the veterinary care, shelter, food and love theyso desperately need. By virtually adopting a shelter pet today, you willallow the ASPCA to continue to provide a safe haven for animals untilthey find their forever homes.CHOOSE A PET TO SPONSOR:
Brutus, an 8 year old Rotti/Shepherd mix, was rescued by ourHumane Law Enforcement Agents. He's had a very rough life untilnow, but several surgeries and lots of TLC later, he is ready to beadopted out into his forever home. Brutus is a big mush and lovessitting with people and being pet.
FABIO was rescued by our Humane Law Enforcement agents from a lifethat left him with several health conditions. He is responding well totreatment, but he will need to be on a special diet for the rest ofhis life. Fabio is adorable and enjoys spending his time charmingASPCA staff and volunteers.
SNOW WHITE White is a very sweet eight and a half year old cat who wasseized by our Humane Law agents and was treated for a variety ofmaladies. Because of the neglesct that she suffered before she wasrescued, we had to extract all of her teeth, and as a result shedrools a bit when she gets nervous. Snow White is healing wonderfullyand deserves a very special, loving home.
DIAMOND is a an adorable older dog who enjoys being petted, sits oncommand, and is always lured with treats. Because she has arthritisthis very special little dog needs extra care from a very lovinghome.Tell a Friend Today!When you sponsor one of these loving dogs or cats you will be changingmore than just one life . . . you will be changing thousands.

Everystep we take to increase the number of shelter pets adopted means another dog's or cat's life will be saved 424 E. 92nd St. New York, NY 10128Please visit our website:


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