Support a Ban of NYC's Carriage Horses

This entry is not about cars and dogs, but it is about saving horses. Kitty&Doggie News supports a ban on NYC's carriage horses. If the ASPCA says such a ban is needed, Kitty&Doggie News believes it is because the ASPCA is all treating animals humanely.

From the ASPCA:

Dear New York City Advocates,

The ASPCA has been an advocate for New York City's working carriage horses since our founding in 1866. In fact, despite our limited resources, the ASPCA volunteered to monitor the treatment of the horses since no other agency seemed willing to do so.

Due to our close oversight of the industry, we have firsthand knowledge of the ongoing problems and violations that remain unresolved year after year. In addition, recent events, including the increasing number of accidents and deaths of horses, underscore that the time has come to get these animals off our streets.

The status quo is no longer acceptable--which is why the ASPCA supports Intro. 658, legislation introduced by Councilmember Tony Avella to ban carriage horses in New York City.

What You Can Do
Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center, where you'll find a letter of support that you can personalize, print out and send to your councilmember (or copy the text to send via your own email). If you are not sure who your councilmember is, don't worry--we'll help you find that information online.
Thank you for caring about New York's carriage horses and
supporting the ASPCA.


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