'Fireworks Dogs'

While fireworks are beautiful and spectacular, many of our dog friends are afraid of them. I'm staying home this year because my Browny is terrified of fireworks. We live in the Bronx, and I know some of the neighborhood kids and adults will ignore advisories and light up anyway later on tonight. Just be careful and remember our dog friends. Fireworks are not fun for them.

Here's a press release with some tips:

Tips To Help Your Dog Stay Calm and Stay Home This Fireworks Season

Animal shelters around the country will be preparing their kennels over the next couple of days to receive the usual number of "fireworks dogs" who escape their homes/yards after becoming frightened of Fourth of July fireworks displays. Susan Sharpe, APDT, CPDT, owner of Animals Plus, LLC, co-owner of Canine Companion dog training center and inventor of The Anxiety Wraptm, offers the following tips to help dogs stay calm and stay home this fireworks season.

Tips To Help Dogs Stay Calm and Stay Home the Fourth of July
1. Take your dog on a Fourth of July get-away as far from your town's fireworks display as possible. An overnight trip to a country get-away can save you and your dog a lot of anxiety.

2. Do not leave your dog home alone. A panic-stricken dog can do unthinkable things in an effort to escape the sounds of fireworks. Many of our client's dogs have chewed through walls, jumped through panes of glass, etc. If you're not going to be home, board your dog in a safe boarding facility where you know he will be safe and well-cared for during his stay.

3. Do not unintentionally reinforce fearful behavior by trying to comfort your dog when he is fearful. It is best to provide a safe place such as a closet (without windows) and a radio with its volume turned high. If the dog seeks refuge in his crate, allow him to do so, but do not place it in room with windows. If there are windows nearby, keep the lights on in the room. Likewise, even if the closet is dark, leave the lights on in the outer rooms. This will lessen the contrast between the dark sky and the periodic flashes of light produced by the fireworks displays.

4. Ask your veterinarian about medication, but be aware some medication may immobilize your dog while leaving his mind fully intact, thus creating a terrified, but immobilized dog. In addition, do not leave a medicated dog alone in case an unexpected reaction occurs. Do not trust that the medication is the cure all for the problem.

5. If you have a dog that usually stays outside, bring him inside and stay with him using the above suggestions. Many terrified dogs slip collars, break chains and jump high fences in an attempt to survive the explosions. They are in panic mode and bolt without a thought. Unfortunately, many of these dogs become injured or more tragically, die.

6. The Anxiety Wrap. Put the Anxiety Wrap on your dog at the dog's first firework-related symptom. The Anxiety Wrap works by using a technique called Maintained Pressure. It utilizes the dog's own body receptors to indirectly affect its central nervous system, which results in a calming response. Due to the extreme nature of fireworks, we recommend staying home with the dog to ensure his safety.

The Anxiety Wrap was awarded U.S. Patent No. 6,820,574 and is owned by Animals Plus, LLC. This product works best as a tool used in conjunction with gentle training methods and is not a substitute for proper veterinary care or exercise. The Anxiety Wrap is currently being used and recommended by veterinarians, animal behaviorists, trainers, chiropractors, groomers, Tellington Touch practitioners, and acupressurists. Susan Sharpe is a registered member in good standing with APDT. She holds certification with CPDT, which is the only nationally recognized certification organization in the U.S. She is currently one of three certified Tellington Touch Practitioners in Indiana. She lives with her family, dogs, horses, and many cats in Indiana.

The Anxiety Wrap Contact Information:
Web site: http://www.anxietywrap.com

source: PRWeb press release


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