ASPCA reports double-digit increase in adoptions and mobile spay/neuter surgeries for 2008

It is refreshing to get this good news from the ASPCA. I hope this continues this year especially because the problem of homeless pets, mostly homeless cats, continues to be a big problem in New York City. I know everyone is stressing over the economic crisis and I have personally noticed more homeless cats in the Bronx lately. For now, I'm just happy to learn that many of our four-legged friends were adopted last year at the ASPCA's Manhattan headquarters and that there were increases in mobile spay/neuter surgeries in the city. That's something.

Here's the press release from the ASPCA

The ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is proud to report that adoptions at its Manhattan headquarters and mobile adoption center, as well as mobile spay/neuter surgeries, each experienced double digit increases in 2008.

“The plight of homeless animals is still a significant concern in New York City,” said ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres. “But by focusing on increasing adoptions and preventing unwanted litters, we’re increasing exponentially the number of lives we can save.”

In 2008, a total of 3,267 cats and dogs were adopted, a 20 percent increase over 2007, when 2,728 were adopted. “This is one of the largest percentage increases we’ve ever seen in a one-year span,” said Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA’s Adoption Center. Cat adoptions rose 20 percent, from 2,051 to 2,461, and dog adoptions increased 19 percent, from 677 to 806. “We hope to see this continue in 2009,” she said.

The ASPCA’s Mobile Clinic program, which offers free and low-cost spay/neuter surgery to financially needy pet owners in New York City’s five boroughs, also experienced double-digit growth in 2008. A total of 23,223 cats and dogs were spayed and neutered, the most ever in a single year and a 63 percent increase over 2007, when 14,215 were altered.

The rise in adoptions at the ASPCA is attributed in part to a $5 million, state-of-the-art renovation that was completed in the fourth quarter of 2006, which increased the capacity in its Pet Adoption Center by 40 percent. The spacious facility offers a welcoming, cheerful and cage-free environment, helping to showcase pets and increase their chances for adoption.

“Consumer awareness is also on the rise with respect to adoption,” explains Ms. Buchwald. “Adoption is ‘in,’ leading to a strong demand for pets, and we were glad to be able to meet that demand because it means saving more homeless animals.”

In January 2008, the ASPCA unveiled a fourth mobile spay/neuter clinic in its fleet, which increased its capacity to spay and neuter up to six thousand additional animals per year. These four fully equipped mobile veterinary clinics operate seven days a week and may also be reserved for private rescue days for feral cats trapped through approved Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) partners.

“The mission of our mobile clinic program is to end the plight of homeless animals by stemming pet overpopulation at its source—in the heart of the city’s local communities,” said Ms. Buchwald. “Certainly, the need is there and the ASPCA is working hard to meet that need by widening the scope of our spay/neuter services.”

The ASPCA’s Mobile Clinic Program began in 1997 and is the single largest program providing free and low cost spay/neuter to needy pet owners in New York City, and one of the largest in the United States.


Mary Schwager said…
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