Blessing of the animals is something special

One of my favorite times of the year is coming up tomorrow when I take my beautiful bordie collie  Browny and one of my cats Sol to the blessing of the animals event at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan. It is Sol's turn to go this year in representation of the cats in the family. It is Sol's first time and Browy's third.
Last year, my orange cat Kris went and the year before it was Annie, my Maine Coon. I'll make sure to take a photo of my Kris and Annie too for a blessing.

I started taking my animals to this event in loving tribute to my Melody, the sweetest cocker spaniel. Sadly, I never got to take Melody to this beautiful event, but I know she would have loved it. I imagine her shaking her butt in happiness. I lost my Melody in 2006.

Since then, I have made it my annual tradition to take my pets to the blessing of the animals event in Melody's memory. It is a spiritual time for me. I love to be around all my fellow animal lovers and their animal friends. It is such a beautiful experience to watch people blessing many different kinds of animals.

The animals love it too. My Browny's favorite part is always to see other dogs. She's such a flirt.

I plan to be there tomorrow because I love my animals so much. They are my family, and having my animals get a blessing is something special.

I'll make sure to take photos.

To view photos from last year's festival, go to Blessing of the Animals.
To view more animal blessing photos, go to the 2007 festival .

For more information on tomorrow's festival, go to St. John's site.


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