'Cat Friday' at the ASPCA

Wow, check out this Cat Friday deal. Forget Black Friday. Why not get a black cat? Or, any other color cat. You will be grateful you did. ) Check out this deal from the ASPCA During the time-honored tradition of Black Friday, bargain shoppers will be on the hunt for great deals galore, but New Yorkers might be overlooking the best Black Friday deal of them all: ‘Cat Friday’ at the ASPCA Adoption Center, where all felines over one year of age will have their adoption fees waived! While a new TV or the latest kid’s toy might provide hours entertainment, a pet will bring your family a lifetime of happiness and create lasting memories. Is there really any better way to celebrate the spirit of the holidays than giving a homeless cat a place to call their own? Here are the details on this event: ASPCA’s ‘Cat Friday’ Friday, November 25th during the extended hours of 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. ASPCA Adoption Center - 424 E 92nd Street (between 1st and York Avenues) on the Upper East Side of Manhattan Additional details for adopters: This deep discount on adoption fees is just one great deal that the ASPCA is offering. With each of these special adoptions, adopters will receive additional goodies, including a free cat collar and ID tag, a cardboard carrier for safe travels home and a surprise gift to help get the holidays started with their new family. All ASPCA pets are spayed and neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and even microchipped! Plus, adopters will receive a certificate for a free vet visit within 2 weeks of adoption at our Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. There are so many wonderful cats and dogs in shelters throughout New York City – including at the ASPCA Adoption Center – who would love to find a home for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving.


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